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Our white paper “Create, Present, and Collaborate in Virtual Space – Join the next wave of digitization!” will cover thoughts on: 3D scanning, 3D content creation, The rise of virtual reality design, The most popular VR design tools and 3D modeling software.

SL Sculpt

Test our VR Design Software

Test our easy to use, next generation, VR design software ShapeLab. Step into the virtual lab and release your creativity, make your own models, and perfect your ideas through digital sculpting and painting! See more information at: shapelabvr.com

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“Virtual Reality Training – Real World Benefits” will demonstrate why virtual reality is the technology of today and provides the most cost effective way to deliver meaningful knowledge transfer and engagement.


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Download a free VR training demo application. With this simple application our purpose was to explain the basics of virtual reality training procedure. You can use it with both HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. Other platforms are currently not supported.