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Leopoly Team

A unique and enthusiast team with 10 years experience of 3D and VR engineering, design, 3D and VR UI / UX, and product planning experience. We have offices in Budapest, Hungary and San Francisco, US.

Roland Mányai


Roland is an innovative thinker and doer. He believes that 3D and VR technologies can improve our lives. Constantly working on  tools to bridge the gap between high tech technologies and everyday people and companies. Also founder of TEDxDanubia.

Zoltán Kárpáti


Zoltan is a 3D and VR enthusiast. He has 10 years experience in finance and operation at 3D for All Ltd, Leonar3Do VR Inc., and believes in the democratization of VR and 3D software solutions.


Gábor Radányi

sales director

Gabor brings a multinational and corporate mindset to the firm with his endless sales expertise. When he does not think about new business ideas he spends time with his twin boys or restores vintage cars, bikes and collects watches.

Dániel Andrássy

Head of Product

Loves to build fruitful partnerships and awesome tech products. Daniel comes from the business field but he has always been obsessed with useful and entertaining digital products and the way they come to life.

Frankie Masszi

Marketing Manager

Frankie is an energetic marketing enthusiast, who loves a challenge and enjoys innovative projects that are shaping the future. If you have an empty half an hour ask her about the family dog, Walnut- she’ll surely fill the whole time with photos and stories.

Carlos Acosta

Head of Development

He used to work for SMEs with multinational clients in the field of telecommunication. First he was impressed by the team, and then 3D and VR captured his attention as well. So now, he is fully passionate about creating the best 3D product creation platform in the world.

Henriett Zsohár

Office Manager

She is the real soul of the team. She is passionate about helping anyone in the office and outside of it as well: she is a competitor of a PET boat contest making a better world with less trash. When she is tired of saving the world, she plays quiz with Carlos.

Tamás Bella

Senior developer

Master of consistency, precision, proactivity and various programming languages. This guy was blessed with two kids and the supernatural ability to estimate development time accurately. We assume that he also has some sort of temperature-resistant rhino skin, because he comes to work by bike in the middle of the winter too.

Endre Kolláth


The godfather of our C++ proprietary engine. Since he is the father of 3 kids, he can’t get no sleep… He outplayed Roland, the CEO. In chess, for the time being.

Patrik Kövesi

Software Tester

He helps the whole team, testing applications, manages Jenkins continuous integration system, also works as developer on small tasks. He’s a real gamer and team player. We can call him “One Man Army”.

Mátyás Gönczöl


If somebody says playfulness and enthusiasm Matyi is our man. He spends most of his time with video games, always looking for a new story or loves to play tactically with his friends online. He merges these abilities to answer logical or design questions in his projects. He is always up for a good food that contains cheese.

Márk Kovács


A great coder with strong mathematical skills. Mark finds a lot of joy in programming even in his free-time, so it’s safe to say that his work is his hobby. He loves playing video games, but he is not as much of a gamer as Mátyás is (or at least this is what he says..).  As a true tech savvy, he is always updated with the latest news and findings from the science world.

Bálint Keresztes

3D Designer

Bálint has been interested in game design since he was a little kid. He is really into aesthetic creations. A true perfectionist, who is likely to work on his project on the weekends, just to deliver something that he is also perfectly satisfied with.

Ágoston Vasas

3D Designer

Ágó is a talented designer, loves to see his creations getting alive in virtual reality. Biggest consumer of company coffee, and a foodie, he claims it boosts his creativity.  


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Special IBM Award, Slush, Helsinki 2015
Leopoly has been chosen from 100 great startup competitors and was awarded by a special IBM prize at Slush 2015 in Helsinki.
1st place, DIGIT.EMEA Istanbul, 2015
DIGIT.EMEA is a special event paving the digital economy future and welcoming thousands of C-level global leaders, digital and tech entrepreneurs and founders from 110 countries.
RED HERRING - Highlights the most exciting startups from Asia, Europe and the Americas.
Leopoly was selected as the finalist of TOP 100 Red Herring Europe.
Central European Startup Awards
Leopoly was selected as the national finalist of Central European Startup Awards in the „Startup of the Year” category.
Award for the Successful Companies
Leopoly was honored by an „Award for the Successful Companies” from the Hungarian Government and was selected as the „Startup of the Month” in December 2016.

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