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3D / VR Software Solutions

3D technologies, such as 3D printing, scanning, AR / VR create new digital landscapes and opportunities for industries and everyday people. We still are in the early days of the technology and the barrier of entry is still significant. Our aim is to make it easy and quick to utilize 3D and VR, with a special focus on design and training solutions for brands, designers, developers, students & consumers!

Products & services


Online Leopoly 3D editor

Leopoly Maker is a great tool for beginners in 3D design. It runs in a browser, needs no learning curve and offers great tools to create, edit designs in 3D.


Product Configurator

3D printing, scanning make it possible to create custom products easier than ever before. With our 3D editor platform we offer custom solutions to companies with an easy to use interface to customize 3D objects with ease.


Shapelab VR modeling

ShapeLab by Leopoly brings a joyful, easy and practical VR creation experience to all HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality Device owners.


VR training solutions

Education and training are two main areas with great potentials and added value in the VR space. Our toolkit makes it easy and quick to design custom training and education apps in VR.

Leopoly Team

A unique and enthusiast team with 10 years experience of 3D and VR engineering, design, 3D and VR UI / UX, and product planning experience. We have offices in Budapest, Hungary and San Francisco, US.

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