Use case - Clients already on board

HP Sprout

Education, hardware platform

Leopoly’s 3D asset creation software is now available on HP Sprout devices. The Sprout devices feature an all-touch interface, both screen and pad, as well as a 3D scanner to bring all sorts of objects into the creative space. Paired with Leopoly’s software, users can easily design, create, export, and print their own personalized 3D models.

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Education, hardware platform

zSpace, a virtual and augmented reality interactive computer, geared toward education, has teamed up with Leopoly to offer STEAM students and teachers a new way to explore educational content. Through Leopoly, teachers can now receive entry-level training courses as well as sample lesson plans and guides, to introduce their students to the world of digital asset creation and 3D printing.

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Retinopsy VR – Look


The app was primarily developed to help people, who have difficulties reading or watching content on regular computer screens, by utilizing virtual reality technology. In addition to this, it provides a wonderful, immersive, cinema-like experience for everyone. The mastermind of this practical and versatile application is Dr. Peter Maloca, an internationally renowned doctor of medicine and trained ophthalmologist based in Basel, Switzerland, and Royal Moorfields Eye Hospital, London. We at Leopoly VR were honored to act as a consultancy and developer company, to collaborate with Peter and actually bring the whole context to life.

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Virtual Reality Design App

ShapeLab, by Leopoly, is empowering everyday people to be 3D creators and artists in minutes! Step into the virtual lab and release your creativity, make your own models, and perfect your ideas through digital sculpting and painting! Use your creations in Unity, Unreal, or in other engines to bring your ideas to life. Test and present your animation, cartoon, figurine, mascot etc. ideas with ShapeLab. Create and customize 3D printable décor products, cosplay items, fashion accessories 3D scans and much more. Visit the website for more information.

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Orchard Supply Hardware, a garden and home improvement retailer, teamed up with Leopoly to offer their customers the opportunity to order their own personalized interior decorations. As their first mass customization solution, Leopoly’s product configurator allowed Orchard’s customers to create their own door handles, light switch panels, and other home decor essentials with an easy to use and navigate interface.

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Pleye is an innovative eyewear brand that embraces individuality and empowers consumers to take creative control. This empowerment of their customers creativity was a perfect match with Leopoly’s software solutions. Running within their website, Leopoly’s custom creation software allows Pleye’s customers to take familiar eyewear styles and shape, size, and adjust the frames to create eyewear that is as unique as they are.


Webshop, 3D marketplace

Manubim continues the movement of creating customized products from your home on a quick and easy platform. Powered by the Leopoly editor and admin interface, visitors to the Manubim website are able to browse among 3D object, pick their favorite, customize and order it. By integrating our solutions into their existing webshop engine, Manubim Admins are able to manage their 3D content and orders.



In collaboration with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, with the use of Leonar3Do hardware solutions, Leopoly has created a powerful virtual reality training and therapy platform for amblyopia eye disease, more commonly known as lazy eye. Proven significant improvements in visual functions and fine motor skills has propelled the project forward into the next phase: the development of a final medical device.



In close collaboration with key partners, Leopoly has begun to develop an end-to-end solution to create customized insoles based on raw numeric data from foot scans. Through Leopoly’s engine, tailor made insole and midsole templates are customized to fit each patient’s unique foot characteristics. The files are able to be printed through additive and subtractive manufacturing, allowing comfort and relief for all!


3D Modeling, education

KidsPrint is a workshop with the goal of educating children and young adults about 3D printing. Through a Leopoly powered microsite, students learned how to model and print their own 3D designs through a fun and easy to use platform.

Iceman / AOD3D / 3D Scales

3D Printing

Leading companies of the Chinese 3D printing industry - AOD3D, Iceman3D (, and 3D Scales - use Leopoly SaaS to engage their customers and gain more demand for their 3D printers and printing services. Leopoly has provided these printers rebranded online 3D model galleries as well as custom editors to personalize the designs. This allows their customers to create and order directly from these business clients.

Brigetio Roman Bath

Institutions, museum

A virtual resurrection is in the works! Join us as we bring the ruins of the Brigetio Roman Bath back to life. This project is multi-part, including a mobile AR app which allows visitors of the site to experience the stunning digitally renovated wall paintings, structures, and sculptures as they were meant to be seen, a virtual reality tour to access the beauty of the baths world-wide, as well as a digital pottery and sculpting app to create personalized memorabilia.

MyMiniFactory - Scan the World

3D Scanning and printing

MyMiniFactory, a curated 3D printing platform, began an initiative in 2014 with the mission to capture the world's sculptures, artworks, and other objects of cultural significance. Teaming up with Leopoly, 21st century artists can now redesign these priceless works in their own style, mixing classical art and imagination.

Eotvos Jozsef High School


Eotvos Jozsef High School, a high school in Budapest hosting a few 3D printers, has begun to use the Leopoly software as an easy 3D design solution to teach their students about 3D printing. Students are able to quickly learn the finer points of 3D printing while having the ability to create their own unique designs.

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