By using Leopoly, students can plan, prototype, model and 3D print their creations

Let your students discover their inner artist and improve their creative skills.

This is the best way for your school to enter the world of 3D printing and design. is the place where 21st century makers and newcomers from the fields of education can jump into the 3D printing and 3D design ecosystem, browse among thousands of digital objects and customize or create their own one within seconds.

Create, Save, Share and 3D Print!

The easiest way to introduce 3D printing and 3D creation into your classroom

Leopoly provides an easy, early training ground helping to introduce your students to the world of 3D creation as well as helping them to create, customize and prepare digital objects for 3D printing.

Students between the age of 7 and 18 can become 3D designers in second by using the easiest digital 3D creation tools. They can browse among thousands of 3D models for inspiration and can also customize or design objects individually or in a collaborative way.
  • no professional modeling skills required
  • growing number of modeling tools, including 3D sculpting, engraving, painting, object mixing
  • online libraries to store, categorize or share
  • don’t have to download or install anything
  • admin panel for teachers
  • export and import 3D objects

Ask for your dedicated online training ground!

We are ready to set up a private, dedicated microsite for your school ( No worries, it does not require professional skills or IT resources from your end.
  • dedicated microsite:
  • password protection: the site is only available for school members
  • no email registration required for students
  • private profiles with private galleries, to save and store creations online
  • manageable public galleries, to save, store and INSPIRE others
  • 3D model templates in different categories
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Ask for extra features!

  • Easy student invitation via email
  • Detailed student/teacher profile
  • Private school news feed
  • Private groups/classes
  • Create custom modeling tasks
  • Upload and share documents/lesson plans

Interested in VR? Check out ShapeLab

ShapeLab by Leopoly brings a joyful, easy and practical co-creation VR experience to everyone. It empowers non-professional VR users to release their creativity and make their very own, colorful virtual 3D models. The joint forces of Leopoly engine and the VR devices simplifies the modeling process by enabling you to create in a fun and intuitive way. This game changing virtual experience provides a natural environment for creation in the real world just as traditional sculpting and object formation is done. We believe that creation in a VR environment is more intuitive, a lot more fun and engaging and allow people to tap into creativity they’ve never used.

Users can sculpt, paint and play effortlessly while turning their imagination into reality! Start with a predesigned 3D model template or start from scratch to build anything!

Store your creations and continue your work any time. All designs can be saved in STL or OBJ file format for easy 3D printing.

Teachers said


Educational Technology Coach/Infotech Teacher of Savanna Oaks Middle School US


Art and Design 3D Teacher of Harrow College UK

Tami Brass

Director of Instructional Technology of St. Paul Academy and Summit School US
“One of the ISTE technology standards the students work towards accomplishing is the Creativity and Innovation Standard. During this time I let them choose what project they can work on and submit. Many of them choose Leopoly. I have been using Leopoly for some time now and plan to continue offering it to my students. I’ve yet to find a web-based product for my technology class that allows them to create 3-D sculpted models as quickly and easily as Leopoly does.“
“I really like the approach your modeling app takes. It’s an interesting alternative to what we use at the moment for a sculpting based approach to modeling. I love the way you can start off with the reform shapes and it offers up lots more possibilities than starting with a sphere. Also, the workflow is really seamless and painless.“
“Leopoly’s a really user-friendly 3D creation and design tool. If a student has basic mouse tools, or a touchscreen computer, they can sculpt anything they can imagine. I can also see it being used as a part of creative writing, literature discussions, history/social studies projects, and science/mathematical modeling. The ability to easily export file formats for 3D printing is especially helpful given the limited range of 3D printing tools available, especially for K-8 students. Students who've used it found it super-engaging and got the results they wanted quickly and easily.“
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