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Business solutions

Have you ever wondered to have a unique product perfectly fitting your needs? Leopoly’s software solutions empower companies to engage their customers with an easy to use interface for 3D view, product personalization and 3D printing with home delivery. Leopoly brings personalized product creation a fun, easy and potentially a daily activity for anyone.


3D content &
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Leopoly 3D product creation platform is available on all HP Sprout devices that lets users design and create easily their personalized products. Physical objects can also be projected onto digital Leopoly designs due to the integrated Intel scanner.
Leopoly’s software enables customers to personalize their interior decoration (wardrobe handles, electrical switches, street numbers, name plates etc.) before buying their items on the online platform of Orchard and also in their Californian shops.
The STEAM platform teaches 3D creation for children. Students can lift, move and manipulate virtual designs, add personal touches such as coloring and engraving. It brings VR, 3D modeling and 3D printing into schools.


Choose from 4 easy ways to start your 3D creation experience. Browse, customize, create, share, 3D print or order your very own creations. Shape the form, add your words and patterns, colorize etc. without any design skills!
Product customizers
Wearables, décor items, figurines, accessories and many more. Select your favorite carefully crafted 3D digital product and add your personal touches.
Browse 3D gallery
Time for co-creation! Check out the creative creations designed by the community! Browse among thousands of models and shape further the ones you like.
Start from scratch
Ready to realize your fully own concept? Start from scratch and release your inner artist! Sculpt, build from blocks or form the shape with sliders.
Import your model
Got your own 3D file? Upload your STL or OBJ for editing! Coming soon: model simplification, reorientation and repair.

Edu solutions

This is the best way for your school to enter the world of 3D printing and design.

Let your students discover their inner artist and improve their creative skills.

Using our 3D printing process they can plan, prototype, model and print their creations.

Here is the easiest way to introduce 3D printing and 3D creation into your classroom. Students between the age of 7 and 18 can become 3D designers in seconds by using Leopoly. Manage your classes through the edu interface and let your students design individually or in a collaborative way.

Who we are

With the emergence of 3D printing, more and more people have ideas for how to best utilize this technology. Even non-professionals can now leverage 3D product design to bring their ideas to life or to add their personal touches to existing products. Despite this promising trend, user-friendly interfaces are tough to find in the 3D printing market. We are the right answer to this changing consumer trend and missing link. We are the creators of the interface that makes 3D object creation as natural as taking a picture, editing with Instagram or Microsoft Office.


Art and Design 3D Teacher of Harrow College UK
„I really like the approach your modeling app takes. It’s an interesting alternative to what we use at the moment for a sculpting based approach to modeling. I love the way you can start off with the reform shapes and it offers up lots more possibilities than starting with a sphere. Also, the workflow is really seamless and painless.”
From our users
„Dear Leopoly,
I like the project!
~Your secret admirer”

„Cool site I wish we could use silver paint”

„Yay! I like this a lot!”

„These sculptures and models are awesome!”

„This stuff is great”

They wrote about us


    I. place, DIGIT.EMEA Istanbul, 2015

    I. place, DIGIT.EMEA Istanbul, 2015

    DIGIT.EMEA is a special event paving the digital economy future and welcoming thousands of C-level global leaders, digital and tech entrepreneurs and founders from 110 countries.

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    Special IBM Award, Slush, Helsinki 2015

    Special IBM Award, Slush, Helsinki 2015

    Leopoly has been chosen from 100 great startup competitors and was awarded by a special IBM prize at Slush 2015 in Helsinki.

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    Highlights the most exciting startups from Asia, Europe and the Americas.

    Highlights the most exciting startups from Asia, Europe and the Americas.

    Leopoly was selected as the finalist of TOP 100 Red Herring Europe.

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